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Before you go around whimpering that it wasn’t a mix tape but an album well I would like you to know that I’m insane and I can do whatever I deem fit, right or creatively insane…and lets face it that pic is tha shi….the album has 18 tracks and Imma analyze them at my pace (shut up…this is my blog not a democratic govt.)….I do what I wanna….

alry lemme immediately jump into the 1st track


ULTRALIGHT BEAM (FT chance the rapper & Kirk Franklin)

first of all I proclaim this my shit…that little girl at the beginning was so on point

Listening to way kanye took up the hook

I was likedownload.jpg

Then when chance the rapper picked up

I was

download (2).jpg

“My Daughter just like Sia

You cant see her”

men….bruh…what a line to bring alive

Kirk’s sermon at the end tho….I reserve my comment




Most times on this track I was like this

images (4).jpg

it was good tho…to me its prolly the worst tracks on the album and it was f’ing’ good

that sex question he asked at the beginning of the first verse could have pass for one of his tweet but for lyrics come on kanye everybody knows youre already an asshole…bleach or no bleach ….

I present the most influential and talented asshole ever lived


images (7).jpg

whispering to colleague< me: “you think they wont notice that aint kanye

reply: Nah…an ass is always an ass”


Gat ya…this is the real kanye

images (8).jpg

Gat ya again….



finally for today



woah woooooooow woah

I frigging thought that was future…this track was lit AF

by the way this is Desiigner

download (3).jpg

He went h.a.m with this Kanye could barely keep up but as a bosshalic asshole he did (yes bosshalic is a word…if you Google it and don’t find your browser’s probably wack




And with that I leave y’all today and you all should also remember


#blackVansMatter stop this discrimination


damn you Daniel….damn you.



Playing in the background: Any spooky tune from the Adams Family…its a cartoon…about a family that…forget it, if you didn’t watch the Adam’s family as a child I shake my head for you…

HEY Earthlings,

This is my first blog post and I want to take my time to welcome you to my mind…yes I’m insane…creatively >insert ice cube smirk<…..I wont be telling you about myself cuz at this point lets face it none of you care…I appreciate the fact that you spare a couple minutes of your precious time to go over this.

Here at Creative Insanity we have goodies for everyone (people) and everything (robots and sheldon coopers)…


For the wealthy and pompous….after you na you na you

For the hustlers…keep making that bread

For the overhustlers and stressed…if you kpai now what would heaven say

For my doubters….this blog is just a joking something lets see where it goes

For the creatively insane….hope we see soon

Guess this is good enough for a first post

I’m out >mic drop<

>comes back…picks mic…adapts a serious stance and adjust imaginery glass<

Before I go let me leave you with with a philosophical emanioc  innuedo…. abeg a philophical something “If you are waiting on a waiter doesn’t that make you the waiter”


>insert crowd with “wtf faces”<


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